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Jan 2012 · Dwelling with Architecture

by Roderick Kemsley and Christopher Platt, published by Routledge, March 2012. ISBN-13: 978-0415569040

Oct 2009 · Lighting the Blue Touchpaper and Building Well

with Steven Spier, arq Architectural Research Quarterly (Cambridge University Press volume 13 no. 2009 pp 20-36).

Sep 2009 · Flat Packing to Eichstaett: An Introductory Studio Design Project

MADE at WSA (issue 5 2009, pp 30-37).

Aug 2009 · Seeking the Real: The Special Case of Peter Zumthor

with Steven Spier, Architecture Theory Review, (accepted and in production) 2009.

Jul 2009 · Rural and Suburban Adaptations for the 21st Century Home

in 3rd International Conference on Design Principles and Practices, ‘Design 09’ Conference Proceedings, The Technical University, Berlin 2009.

Aug 2008 · Changing Tracks

in i-on Glasgow, (2008, pp52-53).

Jul 2008 · Architecture and General Practice

The British Journal of General Practice, (The Royal College of General Practitioners: Volume 58, no. 552) July 2008.

Jan 2008 · Between Cloud and Clover

The Journal of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland, (Jan. 2008 pp35-37).

Nov 2007 · Letter from Beijing

(with Lorraine Farrelly), BDOnline

Jan 2007 · Studying and the Dying Art of Wasting Time

in ‘ICAE 2007’ Conference Precedings, Beijing.

Oct 2006 · The inhabited Perimeter and the Inclusive Room

arq Architectural Reseach Quartely (Cambridge University Press: vol 9 nos. 324 2006, pp198-215)

Sep 2005 · Working Drawings: the unsung hero of the design process

, in Book of Abstracts, AHRA International Conference 2005 (Ed. J. Hale & B. Starkey 2005 39-40).

Sep 2004 · Letter from Castelvecchio

Architect's Journal, September 2004

May 2004 · Managing the Creative Process

" in Architect's Handbook of Construction Project Management (RIBA Jan. 2004, ED. Langford and Murray)

Feb 2001 · Sticks, stones and the bones of a concept

arq Architectural Research Quartely (Cambridge University Press vol.4 no.1 2001).

Oct 2000 · Market Place

Mckeown Alexander at Graham Square", Architecture Today (no. 112, Oct 2000, 24-35)

May 2000 · Something out of the ordinary

". In "Graham Square: New Housing in Glasgow" (VAP Glasgow 2000 ISBN 1-902860-03-9).

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