About our studio

Underpinned by thorough groundwork, we value craftsmanship, detail and imagination. 







Every project needs a capable pair of hands. 


With years of experience behind us, we have a wealth of practical insight, a strong network and a realistic appreciation of clients’ needs. We keep our knowledge fresh through collaboration and research. 

Our background lets us create the best possible places for people and communities.

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We believe our designs should contribute to the world around them. 


We value the old as well as the new, the everyday as well as the unusual. We build for sustainability and longevity, with a strong awareness of the setting.

With a thorough understanding of planning requirements, we make effective applications. Across listed buildings, conservation areas, rural locations and other sensitive sites, we’ve always secured planning permissions for our clients.



Talks and teaching



We combine practice with teaching, mentoring and research. 


Our academic teaching is closely entwined with our professional work. It keeps us in touch with new thinking and emerging talent, and opens up our work to a wide range of influences.

Our talks give us the chance to share what we’ve learned as architects: from the value we bring to the challenges faced by the people who commission us.