A Memorable Visit

Studio KAP visit the Gettinby House

Christopher Platt

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Studio KAP made a memorable visit earlier this year to the Gettinby House in north Glasgow, designed by studio KAP 21 years ago.

Commissioned by Ruth Gettinby and her late husband George, it remains an inspirational domestic space for us all and lit the blue touchpaper for a number of architectural ideas we have been exploring in other projects since then.

We were treated to characteristic good humour, insight and hospitality by Ruth Gettinby who movingly described just how precious this space is to her and her family.

Lovingly detailed and beautifully-built by Clem Hughes and Victor Wright, it looks as good as new and on completion deservedly won the best small UK project in the Carpenter’s Awards as well as an RIBA Award. 


North Glasgow

Ruth and George Gettinby



A lovely morning spent with Ruth in her extension, designed by Chris in 1997. 

Helen Campbell