Regency Architecture 19th Century Minimalism

Regency Minimalism

Professor Christopher Platt
3rd September 2018


The stark but beautiful stucco facades of Cheltenham’s Regency Terraces use few ingredients to achieve an utterly compelling quality.

Carefully-proportioned, punctured openings to the public facades, often veiled with impossibly thin metal balustrades and canopies, appear strikingly modern even today. The compositions of elegant, minimalist towers to the rear deliver a lot of punch with little frill.

Even the window millions in the listed Pump House show just how refined this period was in relation to its construction industry. Narrow but technically sound ‘lamb’s tongue’ glazing bars contrasting with large areas of solid wall create a striking effect of mass and delicacy.





Top: Regency terrace front facade

Left: Pittville Pump Room mullions

Above: Regency terrace rear facade

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