Things well done

A visit to Cork

Professor Christopher Platt
5th June 2018


Second cities often surprise and delight. Cork is Ireland’s best known secret as well as its foody capital.

The Cork Centre for Architectural Education inaugurated its new building with great panache with its exhibition of student work. Light, interconnected spaces and views near and far brought family and friends together with staff and students in celebratory mood. My three year stint as external examiner here is now at an end, but I will return to enjoy Cork’s quirky buildings, topography, refreshing lack of grandeur and of course the great food and drink.

A hidden but beautiful piece of contemporary landscape nearby healing the spaces between old and new buildings. A reminder of how small things are done well here, design and food; things that directly impact on our quality of life.


Cork, Ireland




Left: The Cork Centre for Architectural Education

Above: The English Market, Cork

Helen Campbell